Our Objectives

Project NamJai is an overseas community service project led by students from Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore (NUS). Established in 2017, we are an interventions-based project which aims to address healthcare gaps within the rural community in Vientiane province, Laos.

Project Namjai framework

The objectives of Project NamJai are abbreviated by the acronym “LAOS”:

LOOK”: identify the health and healthcare needs of villagers in rural Laos;

ADDRESS”: execute interventions to address these needs;

OBSERVE”: conduct robust monitoring and evaluation to measure the efficacy of these interventions;

SUSTAIN”: build community capacity and empower villagers to execute these interventions in the long-run.

Till date, Project NamJai has presence in 4 different villages – Pong Song Village, Hin Tit Village, Houay Dok Mai Village and Phon Thong Village in Hin Heub District. Through establishing genuine connections with the villagers, Project NamJai strives to go above and beyond the routine health screenings, to focus on sustainable health education and thus ensure more meaningful changes in the healthcare-seeking behaviours of the villagers.

Our Vision

Our project aims to address the healthcare gaps the Laotians face by addressing these 3 key aspects.

  1. To bridge the Laotian healthcare system between governmental hospitals, village clinics and the Laotian villagers 

  2. To improve health behaviours and knowledge on diseases amongst Laotian villagers

  3. To improve health parameters linked with Cardiovascular Disease Associated Chronic Conditions (CDACC) of Laotian villagers

What’s Next

Project NamJai will be embarking on our 4th official Project Trip to Laos in Dec ‘19. We hope to expand on the work we are already doing in the villages, while deepening the relationships with the various local organisations we are working with. We are also seeking to establish new working partnerships with more international and local organisations. The manifesto is currently work in progress. Please email us in the case of any queries.