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Namjai Comm 18/19

Project NamJai is formed by a band of 19 passionate Year 1 and 2 Medical Students from the NUS Yong Yoo Lin School of Medicine. Each member of the project has their unique talents and interests, but the commonality amongst us all is the concern for the health of people beyond the shores of Singapore. To better serve the Laotian Community, we have divided ourselves up into a few committees in hopes that the specialisation and division of labour would boost productivity.

From left to right: Lucius Ho (Secretary), Marie Lim (Co-director), Weng Rei Chern (Co-director), Cherylyn Toh (Co-director), Colin Tan (Treasurer)

From left to right: Lucius Ho (Secretary), Marie Lim (Co-director), Weng Rei Chern (Co-director), Cherylyn Toh (Co-director), Colin Tan (Treasurer)

Executive committee

Project Directors

Comprising of a 3-man team, these people work together to set the trajectory of the project. Their jobscope includes evaluating past experiences to see how things could have been better carried out, looking at future trends to ensure that the project remains relevant in the years to come, and finally using these 2 pieces of information to improve Project NamJai in the present.


The secretary is responsible for the administrative work within the project. This would include preparing agendas for meetings, taking meeting minutes, and organising the paperwork for proper documentation of our actions. Ultimately, the secretary creates an environment where seamless workflow is possible.


The treasurer is responsible for the tabulation of our accounts, and ensuring that the funding we receive from our sponsors are accounted for and well spent. His job comprises of working in close contact with the treasurer of the NUS Medical Society, which provides a bank account for the Project to deposit their money in. NUS Medical Society is a registered society in Singapore and is thus bounded by the Registered Society Act. Ultimately the act of depositing our money with NUS Medical Society ensures that there are proper checks and balances to ensure accountability for our donors’ funding.



Project NamJai aims to not only provide information, but to also demonstrate how the information can be applicable in the lives of Laotians. This would include educating on the perceived susceptibility, severity and threat of disease to the health of the villagers.

Members: Claudia Choong, Weng Rei Chern, Toon Min LI, Cheong Chin Kai, Goh Yi Man, Jackie Sim



Though education is an important part of changing health behaviour, this would only be possible when coupled together with tangible efforts to modify the environment around the villagers. The Interventions Committee designs the bulk of the health programmes that we conduct and is crucial part of Project NamJai.

Members: Dexter Yeo, Lei Yuxian, Lucius Ho, Colin Tan, Gwyneth Kong, Kor Qianyi, Cheylyn Toh, Glenn Tey



Ideas, no matter how brilliant, would not materialise without the help of our partners and the donations of our sponsors. This committee is tasked with maintaining and building relationships with different groups of people to explore how, together, we may better meet the needs of the Laotian Community.

Members: Marie Lim, Lim Kia Teng, Chen Wen Wen, Andrew Wu, Ezekiel Toh