We are a non-profit project with limited funding but are extremely motivated to make quality healthcare accessible and sustainable for the villagers in Laos. We would deeply appreciate any help you provide us with. Your kindness and donations will empower the villagers in Laos and enable us to execute interventions on a larger scale to improve their accessibility to healthcare. Monetary and in-kind sponsorships would both be greatly cherished.

If you are a doctor or a healthcare professional who desires to empower the villagers in Laos, we would love to have you on board with us. Our clinics are held in May every year, and we are eager to expand our healthcare team to extend our interventions to more villagers.

Do contact us to find out more about Project NamJai. We sincerely hope you would help make our interventions impactful and sustainable, for the better of Laos.   

Drop us a mail anytime via email or the button below and we will reply you within 3 working days.